Glenisla Golf Club 2009



The majority of the group met in Aberdeen armed with clubs, expectations of fine weather and a massive cairy-oot. Kitty man, Dod, returned for this years event and had already organised the beverages for the journey home turning up with 6 cases of beer and cider - this set the tone for the day. Transport for the day was sponsored by Linkfleet who kindly donated 70% of the cost of the bus hire.

One notable player missing from the event was Rod Snr who was in hospital recovering from a mild stroke - everyone wishes him well in his recovery

We reached Glenisla in plenty of time to enjoy bacon rolls and coffee. The first presentation of the day was made to John Murray - in recognition of his womans handicap, he was awarded a pair of high heel shoes that Big Bob found on Union Street that morning.

The practice green was very busy with last minute adjustments to the putting stroke and getting used to the pace of the greens. However, the overall scores would suggest that the majority of the team probably peaked too early!

The Chief, last years champion had the honour of slicing the first ball into the trees, but somehow, with the course bathed in sunnshine, managed to send his first shot straight down the middle of the fairway!

Each group of three had the use of a buggy to ease the effort of carrying their clubs / carry out and to aid an improvement in the golf. Looking at the scorecards this theory was blown straight out of the water - only two players made par, with the theory that more drink was able to be taken around the course!

A special mention to Gavin Bain who managed to get a 'nett' hole-in-one at the par 3 fifth and only two players, Steve McGrath and Gary Wood, scored points at every hole. Bernie suffered this year as his coach, Rod Snr was absent, with him scoring only 21 points - a reduction in performance of 27% from last year.

This year saw the introduction of the M & S Cup - not Marks and Spencers, but Meade and Sinclair. Graeme and Phil donated the cup in order for the guys who are normally propping up the leaderboard to be able to contribute to the purchase of Drambuie, as opposed to consuming from the winners trophy! With Andy Buchan having to pull out of the tournament, the bookies and sponsors favourite for lifting this cup was John Murray. John, however did not read the script and powered home with a scintilating 9 points on the back nine scoring in eight of the holes, the highlight being a nett par on the 17th. The battle for the cup was between Tony and Dod, and despite Tony scoring three nett birdies in his round he became the inaugaral winner of the M & S cup in his rookie year. Somehow, he managed to escape filling the cup with Drambuie ??????

The business end of the leaderboard saw five players within two points of each other. On 34 points; former number 1 player Nick Frost, the best player to have never won a major - Rod Phillips, and perenial runner-up Steve McGrath. On 36 points and retaining his number 1 status was Phil Sinclair, who will rue the double bogey on 15., which also affected his score in the Hidden Hole competition.

This years winner was Derek Wood who also scored 36 points but had a superior back nine score or 20 points, despite choking on both the 17th and 18th holes. He had a slow start to the round by gathering zero points on the first two holes, but played exceptionally well over 14 holes from 3 to 16, carding two nett eagles and four nett birdies. During his post-round interview he said "that's the best 14 holes I've ever played and I'm going to celebrate - far's the bar??"

Congratulations to Derek who's win has seen him push into the top 10 of the rankings. 

The morning round Nearest-the-Hole competition was on the 16th hole, sponsored by Plaza Interiors who very kindly donated an Apple i-Touch. This was won by 'Techno Bob' - Bob Reilly with an excellent effort stopping 6 feet away from the hole.

There was also a 'Hidden Hole' competition, sponsored by Camerons. Gail, the barmaid at the golf club selected 12 holes from the card and the morning stableford scores were used. Runner-up was Phil with a score of 24 points, but the winner was Steve McGrath, who also had 24 points but had a better inward score.

The afternoon competition was a nine hole Texas Scramble, with 6 of the 7 teams having gross scores of par or better. Runners-up sponsored by Tracerco, with a nett score of 30.25 was Phil, The Chief and Roger. The winners prize, sponsored by the Bank of Scotland, with a nett score of 28.85 was Rod, Bernie and Gary.

The afternoon round Nearest-the-Hole competition was on the 5th hole, sponsored by Nicholas Frost Photography who donated a large bottle of Glenfiddich, and was won by Roger Evans.  Well done to all.

This years Nick McLeod Putting competition saw the introduction of the belly putter. The event took 6 rounds of play, and the consumption of two bottles of Whisky and a bottle of Drambuie. The last round saw a four player play-off putting from six feet. Only one player managed to sink a putt and this years winner, receiving the prize of £158.00 was Graeme Meade.

The journey home was noisy, with the entertainment being led by Phil. The cats choir was diabolical this year - and the 5th Major certainly does not have talent! Unfortunately there were one or two phantom spewers on the bus, with Mr Wood being a suspected culprit. Unfortunately there is no photographic evidence for entries into the Rogues Gallery.

Four of the group managed to stagger to the International Casino for more drink (why??) and to lose money (why??), although Nick McLeod claimed he made a profit......

Highlight of the day must be the look on Big Bobs face when he discovered that his loon, Matthew beat him. Matthew has only played around 3 rounds in his life!

Another classic 5th Major .......

Foot note: Following the golf outing Big Bob went on a fishing trip with his other loon, who out-caught him. This prompted the comment from loon number 2, Luke - "you got thrashed by one son at golf and you have now been thrashed at fishing by the other. Is there anything that you're good at?"