Strathmore Golf Centre 2001


This years event saw the standard of transport greatly improved. Our coach, supplied by Keirs Coaches in Kintore, was just pure luxury as compared to the the 1960's rust bucket which has been supplied from Bains of Meldrum for the last few years. Further indication that this event is growing in stature.

As we left Aberdeen it was apparent that Jim was still suffering from the effects of the previous evening, a trend which has become synonamous with this event. Apparantly, everyone on the bus had been playing terrible throughout 2001, if all the story telling was to be believed. However, the handicap committee, (Rod) was not taking any shit and any hard luck stories resulted in a reduction of one stroke.

Early betting saw the smart money on both Phil and Bob, with no money on The Chief or John. However the dark horse was definately Stewart, who was making his first appearance at the event. After announcing that he is head greenkeeper for Aberdeen City Council, calls of "Bandit" and "...he must be cut 2 strokes" reverberated throughout the coach.

The course was in great condition and the weather was kind. At the first tee the pressure was on Iain, the defending champion. His golf in 2001 had been poor in the run up to this event and so it proved when he finished out if the top 5. Bob played well on the first three holes and it looked promising for a victory until John opened up the Millers and Rod the Drambuie. Bob never really recovered from this burst of alcoholism, regularly missing 3 feet putts. Phil suffered throughout the 18 holes as he never got into a rythmn. After each shot he had to help look for Garys' ball and so his chance slipped away. There was great hilarity when Steve hit a marker pole from 250 yards away only to see his ball ping back towards him. Instaed of being on the green in two he was then playing his third with a 5 iron. The tournament was eventually won by Stewart, who set a new scoring record of 42 Stableford points. He played very steady golf and despite having the thickest lenses ever seen on glasses, was able to read the greens and sink some very important putts.

The afternoon event was a 'One Club Texas Scramble' played over nine holes. Thinking that it would gain an advantage, the team of Nick, Rod and Phil decided to hire a golf buggy. This was however part of their downfall as it meant that they were able to carry more bottles of Bud and consequently were out of the running very early. The winners of the afternoon scramble were John, Bob and The Chief. However, there is still an ongoing dispute that they missed out a hole and only completed 8 holes.

After the prize-giving, the Putting Competition took place. This was won on the first round by Ally. He knew nothing about it such was the state of him. He gladly took the money though.

This years event was by far the drunkest. The clubhouse ran out of the official outing beverage - Drambuie. The Chief had to be poured into his hotel room, Rod lost a box of spare prizes and all of the scorecards so the leader board may not be as accurate as it should be.