Strathmore Golf Centre 2013


The tour welcomed a new rookie this year - Stuart Sellar. The day got off to a slow start, as with everyone gathered in plenty of time, the bus was late to turn up. After a couple of frantic calls to the coach company our coach arrived - note the ommitance of the word 'luxury'....... regardless, once the clubs and carry out were loaded we set off to pick up the teuchters at Stonehaven.

Missing from this years event was John Murray, who hurt his back painting his hoose; Nick Frost, who was working; Jim Wright, who was away on holiday and defending champion Matthew Reilly, who was in Cameroon.

With heavy rain forecast for the day, there was a mood of despondancy on the bus journey down, however this was soon lifted when Dod started to hand out the Magners and Buds......

In the absence of the defending Champion, Rod Phillips, the tour's number 1 player had the honour of teeing off first to get the 5th Major underway. In the gloom of the impending rain and with the gallery of the other competitors watching, Rod skelped a reasonable shot down the right hand side of the fairway. The rain was to play a significant part in the scoring for the day.

With John Murray having pulled out of the tournament, the competition for lifting the M-S Cup was wide open. The early money was placed on the high handicappers; David and Luke (both with wifey handicaps). However, after the The Chiefs' tee-shot at the first, there was a betting frenzy - click here to see the impossible.... However, following this small setback, The Chief struck a beauty at the 4th hole to win the nearest-the-hole (although he did miss the 4-foot putt for his birdie). Normal service did return soon afterwards - click here However, despite the trouble The Chief was getting into, it was former winner, Stewart McBain, who 'triumphed' to 'win' the M-S Cup scoring 19 points.

The business end of the leaderboard saw three players within one point of each other. On 34 points; both Phil Sinclair (3rd) and Gary Wood (runner-up), with Gary redeeming himself after his last visit to Strathmore. However, Graeme Meade, who is on a rich vein of form, triumphed with a score of 35 points (or a gross 72 round). Graeme has now won the 5th Major twice which has now provided a little redemption after his 2010 shocker!

The morning round had two Nearest-the-Hole competitions. The 4th hole, sponsored by Datum2 (Derek Wood) who very kindly donated a Cleveland Rescue club, was won by Ian 'The Chief' Trotter. There is no video footage of his tee shot as it was not expected..... The 13th hole sponsored by James Jack Lifting Services was won by Bob Reilly.

The afternoon competition was a nine hole Texas Scramble over the opening 9 holes of the Rannaleroch course. Runners-up were Rod Phillips, Stweart McBain and Nick Mcleod with a score of 28.7, which was quite remarkable as they nearly had to post a NR at the first! Howevere, with a score of 28.3 the winners were Gary Wood, Paul Lever and Stuart Sellar.

This years Nick McLeod Putting competition saw the introduction of a putter made from parts of a childs scooter!

After the initial round it looked like bad light (darkness) would interupt the competition, as most players struggled with using an unconventional handlebar grip. The event however was over in round 3 and was won, for the first time, by Steve McGrath. Despite this win he is still 'the best player to have not won a major'.

The journey home was noisy, with the entertainment being led by Phil, who had created 'Sounds of the 5th Major - Volume 2'. However, unlike last year where the bus did not have a CD player, this year we had a full sound system with multiple speakers in the bus. The cats choir was again diabolical, and we can safely say the the 5th Major Does Not Have Talent.

Quite remarkably,  we again did not have a spewer - a fantastic achievement, give the amount of booze that was tanned throughout the day.

After returning back to Aberdeen, Rod, Nick McL, Bob, Gary, The Hobbit, Sellar Jnr, Phil and Graeme managed to stagger to Triple Kirks. However this was step too far for The Hobbit as he was refused entry for being slightly worse for wear.

It was another classic 5th Major .......

A DVD of the day will be available soon.